Medical Bed Series 700


Text Box: Model  MEB-704


R 4 German Motors With Battery Backup system

R 4 Movements

R 4 Sections Platform

R CPR Quick Release

R  +/- Tendelenburg

R Battery Back-up

R Top Quality Germany Wheels with Central lock system






  Model  MEB-704


Text Box:    Specifications:

1.       Size : L2140 x W1000 mm + 5%

2.       Backrest Adjustment: 0 - 80 + 5%

3.       Knee-break Adjustment: 0 - 45 + 5%

4.       Adjustable Bed-height: H 450 - 750 mm  (Range: 350mm)


6.       Hand Set : Wire Controller with Magnetic key for safety operation

7.       (10 buttons: Back x 2, Knee x 2, Height x 2, Back + Knee x 2, Trendelenburg x 2)

8.       Frame:  Steel is made with HYBRID Anti-Bacterial powder coating.

9.       Sleep Surface: Integrated ABS Injection Molding/ Powder coating steel with mattress guard  

10.   Low Voltage DC Motor System with Battery Back-up ,

      It can maintain the bed operation normally while power failure or moving

11.   Heavy Duty ABS Aluminum Collapsible Side Rails x 1 set (2 Pcs)

12.   CPR device for back section quick release

13.   ACP Nurse Control & Lock Device

14.   Anti-crush bumper x 4 units (D:100/ 150 mm)

15.   Detachable Head & Foot Boards  

16.   Top Quality Germany Central Lock 5 inch Wheels

17.   Accessory: I.V. Pole x 1 unit

18.   Storage Rack

19.  Mattress SIZE: L1920 x W860 x H120 mm Material: Fire-retardant foam
Mattress Cover: Waterproof, Anti-fungus, Fire-retardant and Anti-Bacterial Treatment







Text Box: Urine  Bag & Wound Suction Holder
Text Box: IV Pole 
Text Box: IV Pole
Text Box: Mattress
Text Box: Mattress with Cover












Text Box: Top Quality German 
Central Lock Wheels
Text Box: Patient Control Set
Text Box: Optional ACP Nurse Control Device
Text Box: Patient Lifting Pole



Text Box: Urinal Basket