Material used:

Stainless steel AISI 304, FEP with 3 radiopaque lines, Polypropylene, Polystirene, Polyethylene.
Primary packaging: medical grade paper, PE transparent film.

Sterile, Non toxic, Pyrogen-free, Disposable.
Sterilised by Ethylene Oxide.

Back bevel sharpening of the needle.
Atraumatic conical tapered tip.
Optimal distance between catheter tip and needle.
Thin wall FEP catheter with 3 embedded X Ray contrast lines.

Transparent flashback chamber for an easy view of the returning blood.
The micro porous hydrophobic filter ensures a reliable seal avoiding risk of contamination.
Equipped with a luer lock cap for the closing of the proximal end of the catheter after removal of the needle.

The wings allow an easy fixing to the skin. It is possible to perform the venipuncture using only one hand.

Colours according to ISO (International organization for standardization)